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Terms of Service

Terms of Service
Last Updated: November 8, 2007
Please note that any message that disrupts the general flow of the board is subject to deletion at any time, even if it does not violate a clear-cut rule listed below.
By registering and posting at the City Ministry Forums, you agree not to perform any of the following:
A. Flaming
Sexually explicit, racial or general hate comments directed towards another board user.

B. Censor Bypassing
Changing letters to bypass a banned or censored word. For these examples, let's assume "train" is a banned word.
  • Replacing a letter with another similar letter, number, or symbol (tr41n)
  • Adding spaces or characters inside the word (t r.ain)
  • Using a similarly sounding or looking word in the same context (traim)
  • Not censoring out the entire word (t*ain)
  • Using HTML tags inside the word (tr<b></b>ain)
C. Trolling
Posts which incite another user to violate the board rules, or are made to intentionally annoy another user.
  • Orders (Go jump off a cliff and die)
  • Trolling (This board sucks)
  • Telling anyone to "STFU", "GTFO", or "FOAD"
D. Disruptive
Posts which disrupt a user's screen, browser, or computer.
  • Massive amounts of random characters (asdfghjklasdfghjklasdfghjkl...)
  • Blank or one character posts
  • Posting your entire message in all uppercase letters (HELLO EVERYONE! HOW ARE YOU ALL DOING TODAY?)
  • Intentionally misspelling words (hy gys huws itt gonig!?1)
  • Excessive "leet" or AOL talk (1 4/\/\ 50 /\/\\_/(|-| 13373|2 7|-|4|\| 411 \_/)
  • Posts which cause a horizontal scroll bar
  • Signatures longer than 3 lines or more than 200 characters/quotes longer than 6 lines or more than 400 characters
E. Illegal/Inappropriate
Posts which offend users, encourage or show use of illegal activities, or use sexually explicit terms.
  • ROMs/hacks (Does anyone know where I can get this ROM?)
  • Pornography (Check out my nude pic!)
  • Serial/registration codes and cracks (Does anyone have a serial code for this program I can use?)
F. Off Topic
Topics made on a board which do not fit the board's description.

G. Spamming/Flooding
3 or more of an identical post in one topic or advertisements. Feel free to put a link to your web site in your signature or quote, but do not advertise it in your actual post unless it relates to the topic.

H. Exploits
Altering code or using features to do something that was unintended in the board design. If you find an exploit, please immediately report it to an Administrator. If you are caught using an exploit, you will be banned.
  • Giving yourself Moderator powers
  • Editing other users' information and/or posts
  • Performing any other task which wasn't intended in the board design

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