The Antichrist is not a Man, the Antichrist is a Spirit

Too many Hollywood producers, book authors, and unlearned preachers have saturated society with the image of a person (some man) in particular, as being the antichrist. But that is biblically incorrect. The Bible never says that the antichrist is a man. In each mention of the antichrist, the Bible refers to it as a spirit...[READ MORE]

God is not all about Church, He is about Eternal Life

Peace to all. Even though you have not been to church in awhile, it does not matter to God. He is merciful and forgiving for everlasting from generation to generation. Going to church does not get you into the Kingdom or put you in right standing with God, it helps to strengthen you and the brethren around you as one....[READ MORE]

A Prayer for the Generation Under 30

Lord, God. The Almighty and Creator of all, we come before your throne with humility to ask for your mercy and your everlasting grace; and that you look down from your heavenly place upon the paths of all those on earth under the age of 30-years and all their generation, and for you to plead their cause, against all that is evil and unjust in this world....[READ MORE]

The Reason for the Rise of Homosexuality

Men being intimate with men and women with women are clearly a break from nature's intended design of procreation; the one element of life man - in all his scientific and biological comprehension - cannot manipulate. The blueprint of life is solidly etched into humanity by the male and female's ability to create another living human being. Homosexuality is the bastard of that blueprint. Same-sex relationships are based in curiosity, self-deprivation, and social rebellion; all aspects of a society emotionally removed from nature....[READ MORE]

Get Your Soul Right with God: the Second Coming is Much Closer

If the current American political administration pursues an agenda of hate and persecution, domestically and internationally, the country and world will revolt and there will be a world war. Men who deem money and military strength as the ultimate rule over the lives of others will surely ignore or destroy anything that gets in the way. And when faith in God and humanity is lost, the world as we know will surely change for the worse....[READ MORE]