Spirituality Vs. Religion: And Only God Shall Know

Religion and spirituality are two different things. Religious people find comfort in going to church and spiritual people find solace wherever they can. Church-goers are traditional people and follow after the patterns past down from former generations; going to church every Sunday, participating in the choir and Sunday school, and attending Bible class once a week. And to the carnal eye, this is the image of a religious person.

Spiritual people do not follow after religion and its traditions; instead, some come and go to church or synagogue when the spirit moves them to go and they are led to schools and classes when the spirit leads them. Some attend church very little or not at all. They are not taught the traditional or text-book theory of being a Christian but learn from whatever the spirit teaches them through life day after day.

Many people - who have been trained to look at church people in a certain light - and who do not understand the concept of being a spiritual person, as a result, have a very distorted perception of what being a spiritual person means. Especially if Christianity is the topic. They see the undisciplined lifestyles of traditional people and the un-traditional lifestyles of spiritual people, and they have no real standard to measure what is authentic.

Therefore, we have a society of people who cannot tell who is telling the truth and who is living life according to what God intends. But if one becomes spiritual, whereby they can communicate with God without all the traditional church services, they would be able to tell who is who and what is right by God. Become spiritual by receiving the Holy Spirit of God, and then you will be able to see clearly. That is the only way.

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