The Reason for the Rise of Homosexuality

Men being intimate with men and women with women are clearly a break from nature's intended design of procreation; the one element of life man - in all his scientific and biological comprehension - cannot manipulate. The blueprint of life is solidly etched into humanity by the male and female's ability to create another living human being. Homosexuality is the bastard of that blueprint. Same-sex relationships are based in curiosity, self-deprivation, and social rebellion; all aspects of a society emotionally removed from nature.

To legitimize homosexual behavior, some self-subscribed scholars claim that people can be born with homosexual tendencies and grow into adulthood therewith; however, no human being can be born with any pre-socially conditioned tendencies. That would be equivalent to being born a criminal, a liar, or an adulterer; nor can a person be born honest, faithful, or law-abiding. These are all learned behaviors from within the environment which one is born. If there are any traits passed on to a newborn, it is a child that is born under the biological stresses of the mother's state of being. Whether she is depressed, happy or whatever her current situation dictates. And none of those would necessarily determine the child's character.

In today's society, homosexuality is a trend that has spread via popular culture. It is the "in" thing, which gives rise to a person's curiosity and inclusion in social rebellion. The problem is when the highest ruling authority in a society (the U.S. Supreme Court), says same-sex relations are ok, as in marriage; it swings the entire society away from nature itself and into an alternative reality. However, many people are still ethically vexed when they see same-sex couples display open affection, publicly and in the media, and to hear media personalities treat homosexuality as normality. Transgender lifestyles also vex people because it is a new lifestyle that people have simply not gotten used to. Ultimately, any sexually abnormal behavior offends people; be it pornography, pedophilia, homosexuality, or anything that goes against nature's blueprint of the male-female relation.

As ancient as homosexuality is, documented as far back as the biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah, and traced back to ancient Greece, it has always been deemed by humanity a lifestyle contrary to nature. Any society that tried to normalize it came to an abrupt end because it was a society on a course opposite of nature's blueprint. America is now that society. So when a society rejects nature, it opens itself up to all things unnatural and instead of acknowledging what is normal, in a self-destructive form of vanity, that society in return is rejected by nature. The heart and mind is afterward closed to truth, reason and logic and the people adopt hearts and minds of the opposite nature. In the eyes of humanity, nature is changed to reflect what man interprets nature to be; so then man becomes its own nature. As a result, humanity suffers the consequences of a society's choice to reject that which is normal.

Sadly, the switch from the natural to the unnatural in terms of the male-female relationship come a trickledown effect of immorality in all other areas of human ethics. What is naturally right becomes wrong and what is obviously true becomes suspicious and up for man's interpretation. If man rebels against nature then in his own mind, he will logically resort to what is unnatural. Hence come a justification for homosexuality, wide-spread sexual infidelity, the destruction of the natural male-female union of marriage, other unnatural acts of sex, which all require distortion of the truth, deception, outright lying, illegitimate debate, unfettered desires, mental confusion and many other opposing theories of natural life. Over time, the society that once stood on and for truth becomes a society that wallows in self-deprivation and destruction. Affections change from tolerance to cruelty, from true love to self-satisfying lust, from wholesomeness to lewdness and from respect for others to distain.

Something as simple as ignoring the blueprint of nature can and will bring a society to a form of rampant immorality. The division grows and after a while that society can no longer sustain itself and implodes into corruption. Laws are ignored and reinvented, traditions abandoned, mores and customs are undermined and eventually the overall culture becomes many subcultures divided on basic truths. As the spread of homosexual lifestyle increases in America, expect more people - people who are not normally or scientifically diagnosed as born homosexuals - to subside to their curiosity and flow with the culture and laws. And as the homosexual population grows, definitely expect a hard resistance from people who are scientifically and biologically opposed to this new lifestyle. The confusion lies in who will be deemed normal in the future. And as the doubt increases in the minds of a socially and popular-cultural influenced people via mainstream media, if anyone person does not remain grounded in the reality of nature, they too will fall to this new American immorality.

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