A Prayer for the Generation Under 30

Lord, God. The Almighty and Creator of all, we come before your throne with humility to ask for your mercy and your everlasting grace; and that you look down from your heavenly place upon the paths of all those on earth under the age of 30-years and all their generation, and for you to plead their cause, against all that is evil and unjust in this world.

We ask that you let your will be done for their lives and that you direct their paths through the troubles of this life and to protect them from the lust, the greed, the vanity, and the hatred that surrounds and attempts to consume them daily. That they have a sound mind to discern what is right and what is good and to stand against the darts of the wicked. We ask that you increase the love in their hearts against the hate and anger of this world and against all oppressive and murderous men.

Lord, God we ask that you bind and bound into the pits of darkness, all that is unnatural and unholy in this land and in other lands: all that is against your will for humanity, and that you expose and reveal that which is corrupt, unjust, and of a wicked nature. Have mercy on the young hearts and minds that have entered this world blind to the evils of mankind.

Protect this generation from vengeful hearts, lustful minds, and any inordinate affection against your creation. We know that you are the maker of humanity and that your love and goodness is above all that is in the world and we ask that you shine down upon them your will and give them the power to overcome oppression and cruelty.

Strengthen them in faith and in the power of love, and we ask that you cast out the deception of doubt, fear, and hopelessness. We pray and request that you send a legion of your Angels to protect them at all times and to war against the spiritual wickedness in high places that seek to devour and destroy them. Lord, God, Have mercy and compassion in a world that have none.

Have mercy on the poor, the broken in spirit, and those who have been born into the darkness of humanity and bring them light and comfort and peace. We ask that you protect children from war, poverty, and oppressive men who seek to eliminate your grace in order to control this world by means of repression, selfish supremacy, and evil domination.

We thank you for your gift and of life and bless you always, in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ,


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