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Date: February 11th 2017

the new afromerica

Stop Telling Us the Problem Dammit! We Know the Problem

Sick and tired of so-called Black theorist and activist spewing depressing facts and data about the oppression and dismal lives of Black America. Sick and tired of so-called Black leaders gathering at conferences and making speeches, yelling at us to vote...[Read More]

On the Way to Hell with the Bible in Hand

The American populous and leadership that champion Judea-Christian values as a foundation for American religion are on God's hit list right now. As an act of retribution. As an act of retribution against the far-left's recent years of exalting homosexuality and multiculturalism...[Read More]

When to Stop Having Kids - By A.L. Knox

So you finally found someone that you want to have children with? Or perhaps it was by mistake? You've decided to start a family with this person? Sure, however, there are a couple of factors to keep in mind...[Read More]

How the Black Baby-Boomers Compromised the Black Community

Jump back to the 1930s and 40s for a moment. Think about the times then and the social atmosphere. Blacks were joined together at the hip in northern ghettos fighting for second-hand jobs in competition with natural-born whites and European immigrants by the millions...[Read More]

America's System of things have become a Complete Joke

Once you get pass the fear-induced headlines and cable news illusions, the authoritarian threats of social oppression and the antics of alternative reality television, you can clearly see the buffoonery of what America has become...[Read More]

NEW BOOK - The Quiet Revolution: Black America's Solution for Complete Liberation - By CR Hamilton

Defies all mainstream tactics in Black America's war for equality and liberation from America's white supremacy oppression. Without marching, protesting or taking up arms, the Quiet Revolution disarms white America from weapons of racism and discrimination using an approach above their comprehension, political authority and legal jurisdiction...[Read More]

Informative Commentary

Black And Always Black
America's System of things have become a Complete Joke
The Real Reason there is Fewer Jobs and Less Pay
The Democrats and Republicans Still Don't Get It
Brexit is the Beginning of the Fall of the West
Snobs, Brats and Racist are Leading this Country
Jesus Spoke Truth to Power
The Criminalization of Children: For Adult Profit
Put Your Gun Down White Boy and Come to the Coliseum

God's Swift Vengeance on Racism and White Supremacy
Get Your Soul Right with God: the Second Coming is Much Closer

Sanity Media - Afro Videos

Engaging video documentaries of current social issues facing people of color.
How the Devil Steals the Souls of Black Folks
CR Hamilton - A Plea to Divide the Nation

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