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The Afro National mailing list is a conglomeration of the Afromerica Domain and the new social/spiritual movement of City Ministry. News, information, and empowerment are our goals.

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The New Afromerica [*] home [*] commentary [*] news [*] sanity media [*] communicate [*] signature [*] old afro the new afromerica Stop Telling Us the Problem Dammit! We Know the Problem Sick and tired of so-called Black theorist and activist spewing depressing facts and data about the oppression and dismal lives of Black America. Sick and tired of so-called Black leaders gathering at conferences and making speeches, yelling at us to vote...[Read More] On the Way to Hell with the Bible in Hand Th...



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City Ministry

City Ministry Mailing List is for the spiritually curious to stay in touch with the warriors of the City Ministry team.