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Afro National List

The Afro National mailing list is a conglomeration of the Afromerica Domain and the new social/spiritual movement of City Ministry. News, information, and empowerment are our goals.

Last Message: Afro Block Updates

Afro Block Updates Peace from the Afro Block Staff We want to welcome the new members and thank them for their participation in the community. We are growing and want everyone to feel comfortable. If you have any suggestions for the site please let us know. We have changed the layout and some colors to make the flow usable and we have added some features were sure you will like. You can invite your friends right from your profile page. Dont forget to download our APP at the Google Play and Apple stores. Search ...



Get updated information on current issues from Afromerica.

City Ministry

City Ministry Mailing List is for the spiritually curious to stay in touch with the warriors of the City Ministry team.