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City Ministry is a compilation of community outreach programs useful in any city to develop a more positive and productive community. Each program enhances individual ability toward a more healthy mental and social condition of being using three basic human desires: spirituality, creativity, and sense of accomplishment.

The outreach acts as a supplement to individuals of family, school, and work who find it stressful managing everyday circumstances or who feel trapped by their lifestyle and would like to do more with their gifts, talents, and/or knowledge that would ultimately help others.

We are a non-profit organization therefore all our services and programs are free of charge to the public. Among our services are personal and family mentoring, talent development, work and business skills, leadership training and more; all based on the foundation of natural law, common sense, and a sense of humanity.


Current Projects & Ministries

Sound Doctrine Ministry

The calling of Sound Doctrine Ministry is to create leaders under the discipleship of Jesus Christ. The overall goal is to fulfill the work of God by the saving of souls through the new birth.

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Free To Learn Project

The Free To Learn Project is an awareness campaign organized to inform the general public about the current school-to-prison pipeline taking shape in the local community school systems.

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Revelations address spiritual and social issues that affect our lives daily. Issues church pastors rarely address and that we as children of God need to stay spiritually strong against the evils of today.